I have developed my teaching philosophy through two domains – 1) in the classroom with undergraduates, MBA students, and executive MBA students, and 2) through writing teaching cases to bring real-world challenges into the classroom.

In the Classroom

I have served as a teaching assistant in the Kellogg School of Management for a total of fourteen sections comprised of the following courses:

  • Leadership in Organizations (MBA program)
    • Professors Lauren Rivera, Brayden King, and Jeannette Colyvas
  • Negotiation Fundamentals (MBA program and Executive MBA program)
    • Professors Leigh Thompson and Alyson Carrel
  • Leading High Impact Teams (Executive MBA program)
    • Professor Leigh Thompson 

I was a guest lecturer for MBA students at the University of Michigan in Strategy 310: The World Economy. I taught the session using a case study on ecological entrepreneurship that I co-authored.

Finally, at Northwestern University, I also led a weekly discussion section of undergraduate students in the Introduction to Sociology course.

Curriculum Development

Prior to pursuing my PhD, I worked for two years developing teaching cases in collaboration with faculty for use in the MBA courses at the University of Michigan Ross School of Business. During this time I assisted in writing 18 published pedagogical tools, including one that won an international case writing award:

After starting my PhD at the Kellogg School of Management, I continued to develop case studies on sustainability and corporate social responsibility, including: