I teach on four classes at the undergraduate level at The Business School at City University. The first is a module called Business & Society, which I lead and helped design and launch in 2020 as a core module for our business management students. This class is based on the fundamentals of critical thinking, and engages students in considering grand challenges such as climate change, diversity and equality, giving them the ethical decision making and stakeholder perspective tools for approaching these complex issues. In 2020, this module was taught to 315 final-year undergraduate students and received an evaluation of 4.33/5.0.

I also help lead our Critical Thinking module, which was delivered to 615 students in the autumn term of 2020. This module follows the principles of Problem-Based Learning and I help coordinate a teaching team of 14 instructors to deliver this module in small-group sessions. I also lead and teach an undergraduate classes in Corporate Social Responsibility to Finance & Accounting students and lecture on the Introduction to Management core class.

Curriculum Development

Prior to pursuing my PhD, I worked to develop teaching cases in collaboration with faculty for use in the MBA courses at the University of Michigan Ross School of Business. During this time I assisted in writing 18 published pedagogical tools, including one that won an international case writing award:

During my PhD at the Kellogg School of Management, I continued to develop case studies on sustainability and corporate social responsibility, including: